Why Have Your Ultrasound Performed by Dr. Applebaum?

Physician Performed Your examination is performed personally by Dr. Applebaum, not an ultrasound tech.  

In fact, Dr. Applebaum's practice is likely the only dedicated Ultrasound practice in the world, where the physician performs all of the examinations.

Comfort Dr. Applebaum's private office is located in Chicago's downtown on North Michigan Avenue -- The Magnificent Mile.  

It is not located inside a hospital or imaging center.

Convenience Dr. Applebaum schedules some evening appointments for the convenience of patients who need to be seen after normal business hours.
Instant Results You will know the results of your ultrasound by the end of your examination.  

Unlike other practices or places where a tech has to give some images from your ultrasound to someone else to interpret, Dr. Applebaum will provide you with the results of your examination before you leave.

Your Entire Exam is Reviewed Because Dr. Applebaum performs the entire ultrasound, he reviews the complete study to determine your diagnosis.

Other practices using ultrasound techs generally have only several images reviewed to determine your diagnosis, not the entire test.  

Reports to Your Physician A written report is sent to your physician by the next day.  An oral report may be called in following your exam.  If a significant finding is noted, attempts will be made to notify your physician before you leave.

No practice provides reports to your physician faster.  

Confidentiality Because Dr. Applebaum performs the entire examination himself and generates reports personally, the results of your ultrasound are known only to you and him.

Of course, a report will be sent to your physician, but there are no techs, transcriptionists or transcription services in Dr. Applebaum's office to gossip about your examination.

Cost Dr. Applebaum charges a single fee per examination and is a participating physician in major health plans.

In a hospital or imaging center, separate fees are charged for the tech, the person doing the interpretation, the use of the equipment and the site.  In general, there is no greater cost to you than you would incur in a hospital or imaging center.

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