Health is a function of participation.

Participation is a function of fitness. tm

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About Dr. Applebaum




Michael Applebaum is a medical doctor (M.D.).

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In addition to his medical degree, Dr. Applebaum is the only medical doctor to hold certifications from the International Sports Sciences Association in all of the following areas of specialization: 

  • Master of Fitness Sciences

  • Certified Fitness Trainer

  • Certified Fitness Therapist

  • Certified Youth Fitness Trainer

  • Certified Endurance Fitness Trainer

  • Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition

  • Certified Specialist in Fitness for Older Adults

To achieve his results, Dr. Applebaum has overcome "obesity," carbesity , significant illnesses, major surgeries and lasting injuries.  Several representative images are available for viewing.

The rapid and noticeable results he attained generated requests for personal training; in fact, more requests for personal training than he could possibly fulfill.  To help these persons, Dr. Applebaum developed the fitness/weight management programs which are now available to you.  Each program is customized to your needs.

Dr. Applebaum personally used and continues to use the programs he developed.

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