Health is a function of participation.

Participation is a function of fitness. tm

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About Dr. Applebaum

  About the Images

Remember: you may have to adjust your monitor to properly view the images.

The following information is provided, not as an excuse, but to you give background to the images:

amateur, novice.  In fact, the photographer, a friend of mine, took these images using a newly purchased digital camera for virtually one of the first times.

a residential living room.  No special set.  This is apparent from the images.

Lighting Conditions:
incandescent and halogen lights, basically room lighting.  No special lighting was used.

no posing.  Dr. Applebaum is not a bodybuilder and has no experience at it.  The images were taken with no "hard flexing."  This is easily evidenced by the absence of distended neck veins in those images where his neck is seen.  No vasodilators, e.g., niacin, were administered prior to taking the images.

Image Processing:
the only processing the images underwent were: lightening or darkening because of photographer inexperience, lousy exposure and bad lighting conditions, cropping to make the images smaller and blurring or distortion to cover some of the personal items in the living room (it seemed polite to do).

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