The Embryo-Saving Ultrasound Examination tm  or  The Embryo-Sparing Ultrasound Examination tm 

What is it? The Embryo-Saving Ultrasound Examination tm  is an ultrasound examination that can predict the outcome of an embryo transfer.
Why do you call it ESUS tm for short? In ultrasound, we frequently refer to examinations as "studies."  ESUS tm is short for Embryo-Saving Ultrasound Study tm  or Embryo-Sparing Ultrasound Study tm .
How does it work? Dr. Applebaum discovered that unless certain ultrasound findings are present near the time of embryo transfer, the transferred embryos will fail to implant or develop.

This results in a failed transfer cycle, loss of the transferred embryos and no pregnancy.

What kind of information can I get from this examination? ESUS tm can only predict failure, it cannot predict success.   

The transfer of embryos and implantation are complex multi-step processes.  A mistake or problem at any stage can result in failure.  However, even if everything else appears perfect, a transfer cycle will apparently fail if certain ultrasound findings are not present.

If ESUS tm only predicts failure, what good is it?  You do not waste your embryos.  If you know that a pregnancy will not result from a transfer cycle, the embryos can be frozen until a more favorable time.

Even though a uterus may appear unfavorable for an embryo transfer one month, it may become favorable during another month.  Also, there is medication that can be given to improve the likelihood of success IF you know that you have this problem.

Has anyone else shown that ESUS tm is valuable in predicting embryo loss from implantation failure?  Yes.

Here is the citation of the first study appearing in an edited medical journal of which Dr. Applebaum is aware that proved the value of ESUS tm by predicting implantation failure with 100% accuracy:

"Endometrial Thickness, Morphology, Vascular Penetration and Velocimetry in Predicting Implantation in an in vitro Fertilization Program" 
by J Zaidi, S Campbell, R Pittrof and SL Tan
Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol 6 (1995) 191-198

Can my infertility physician perform ESUS tm Almost certainly not.

Except for Dr. Applebaum, virtually no other physician performs his/her own ultrasound examinations.  You usually see a tech.  

Ultrasound is a skill.  ESUS tm is technically demanding and, in Dr. Applebaum's opinion, requires ability and experience to perform properly.  ESUS tm is not a routine procedure in the office of any infertility physician of whom Dr. Applebaum is aware.

Even if your physician claims to perform ESUS tm you should ask how much experience he or she has, or, more likely, how much experience his/her tech claims to have.

Beware of persons who will perform  ESUS tm telling you that they "understand" how to do it.  As an example, how secure should you feel as a passenger in a plane piloted by someone who "understands" how to fly, instead of someone who is experienced and knows how to fly?

Also, give some consideration to the skill of your examiner.  Just because someone owns or rents an ultrasound machine, does not prove ability.  As examples, many people own cars, not all are good drivers; anyone can buy a paint brush, not everyone is a Picasso.  This is true for all ultrasound examinations, not just ESUS tm .

Why should Dr. Applebaum perform my ESUS tm Dr. Applebaum is the discoverer and developer of ESUS tm.  No one knows ESUS tm better.

Dr. Applebaum will provide your physician with a report of your examination.  You will know the results of your ESUS tm  before you leave Dr. Applebaum's office.

How can I schedule an ESUS tm ?

Call (312) 337-0732 to schedule an appointment.

How can I get additional ESUS tm information? Call (312) 337-0732 to schedule a consultation.

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