CACA Winners Ė The Rogues' Gallery

REMEMBER: The CACA is all about what I/we donít understand.  It does not suggest that the person, product or service is in any way dishonest, untruthful, scamming, etc.  It simply acknowledges that I/we do not understand how it is scientifically correct, honest, truthful, logical or legit.  By submitting someone or something for a CACA or awarding to someone or something a CACA, we are admitting our own shortcomings, not theirs. 

I cannot vouch for the current existence of any quotes or images I present in a CACA plea for help in understanding.  For example, websites change and people may remove things that are revealed to be wrong, mistaken, etc.  However, all images and captions did exist at one time.

As is it is never my intent to insult or even be mistaken for insulting someone, let me say from the outset, that when I call these folks "rogues," I do not mean it in the sense of definition 1 that follows, but definition 2.  The definitions are from The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition.

1. An unprincipled, deceitful, and unreliable person; a scoundrel or rascal.

2. One who is playfully mischievous; a scamp

I just figure that these guys are doing a little mischief by giving weight loss advice.  I mean one look at them and it should be obvious that they are just trying to punk you.


The Rogue

A Picture of the Rogue

Another Picture of the Rogue


Art Agatston

South Beach Diet Book Collaborator
and Sonesta Beach Resort Chef
with the South Beach Diet author
Dr. Agatston

Hey, look at Art and the lady chef who is telling you how to eat to lose pounds the South Beach way.  Come on, do they look like weight control successes, South Beach and all?

What a card that cardiologist is!  Giving weight loss advice.  Who says there is no humor in medicine?
Jorge Cruise Ooh, look at Jorge's muscles.  This is the guy who calls himself "America"s (sic) Leading Weight Loss Expert!" (from and gives advice on how to grow muscle by exercising 8 minutes a day.  He even admits to doing it himself.  And it shows!  The lady in black has bigger forearms and arms.  She must do 9 minutes a day.

This guy is the first ever two times CACA award winner and he's killing me, the playful rapscallion.  Here is CACA 1 and here is CACA 2.
Phil McGraw


That first picture of Dr. Phil all the way to the left is neat.  I think that he is trying to slit his wrists because Lance was unable to make his fat magically disappear.  Then Lance told him that he was able to cast a spell on the public to make them think that Phil knows squat about losing weight.  Lance saved Phil's life.  Whew!  See how lean, slim and trim Phil is?

Phil is a mischievous imp.
Barry Sears


I had to include this picture of Barry.  It is from 2001.  The others are from no later than 2005.  Look at how lean Barry got in around 4 years on his Zone Diet.  What an improvement.  He went from a one-chin Zone to a more-chin Zone.  Plainly and simply, this scamp slays me.  I love it that he gives weight loss advice.

Hey, Barry!  Talk to the chin(s)!